New Calligraphy Design

Mohammed Farghaly: This is a new design I had made it for my calligraphy teacher, I hope that you like.

Poster size: 300cm * 180cm

Designer: Joe Salam

Language: Arabic

Client: Mohammed Farghaly


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Khodeir – Nastaaliq

THE NASTAALIQ CALLIGRAPHY: This book is a good source for any one wants to learn this calligraphy or read about it.

Book Details:

Paperback: 127 pages

Publisher: Dar Elfadila (2005)

Language: Arabic

Author: Mosad Khodeir (Khodeir El-Porsaidy)

Let all calligraphy courses start with this book.

This is an exciting book for any calligrapher to read and learn this calligraphy.

Mosad Khodeir lists all letters of this calligraphy with points scale and lists his designs in this calligraphy too, This book is very useful for any one wants to know about this calligraphy, you will like it.

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New calligraphy book

Books HeadersBOOKS HEADERS writting art: More than 200 book header for most famous calligraphers in egypt.

Book Details:

Paperback: 112 pages

Publisher: Dar Alfadila (January,2003)

Language: Arabic

Author: Ahmed Sabry Zayed

This is one of my favorite books in arabic calligraphy.

Ahmed Sabry lists more than 200 book header for most famous arabic calligraphers of egypt,you will like it.


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